Friday through Sunday, March 2-4, 2012
Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel
450 E Harbor Blvd
Ventura CA 93001

3:00pm   Meeting of Bylaws and Platform Committees
5:00pm   Registration Begins
7:00pm   Welcome Cocktail Party

8:00am   Breakfast Speaker: Rosa Koire of the
Post Sustainability Institute
9:00am   Convention Call to Order, Chair’s Opening Address and Adoption of Agenda
9:45am   Breakout: “Using the Freebook System”
– presented by Flavio Fiumerodo
10:30am Platform
11:15am Speaker: Adrian Moore of the Reason Foundation
12:00pm Lunch Speaker: Robert Wiedemer of Absolute
Investment Management
2:00pm   Bylaws
2:45pm   “Your Property Rights in Public Policy” Forum
3:45pm   Breakout: Evan McMahon of Atlas Liberty
4:45pm   Recess
7:00pm   Banquet Speaker: Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital

8:00am   Breakfast Speaker: Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Foundation
9:00am   Reconvene, Officer Elections
11:15am Breakout: “Communicating Liberty to Women”
– presented by Michelle Lieberman
12:00pm Lunch Speaker: Wayne Allyn Root of the Libertarian
National Campaign Committee
1:00pm   Reconvene with Speaker: Judge Jim Gray
1:30pm   Presidential Straw Poll [Gary Johnson and friends] LOL
2:45pm   Closing Speaker
3:30pm   Convention Adjourns

3:45pm   Executive Committee Meeting